Prismal Dreams

Envoke: Episode 2

The fight

As she walks to the arena, concern and thrill simultaneously race through her. Seeing the sturdy glass bubble containing the simple, flat arena floor; Envoke prepares for combat in her mind while walking to the arena. Once in the arena the audience and the Champion become immediately visible. The large audience resembles an army of peasants as they praise and scream at the combatants in the arena. Then there's the Champion, a roughly 8' tall walking wall of muscle and metal. It's beaten metal armor protects the several hundred pounds of muscle lying within. Most prominent though is the equally large poleaxe the Champion is wielding. The thought, "Death awaits." echoes through her mind. He grips and regrips his weapon eagerly in anticipation of this fight.


What should Envoke do?

Taunt ChampionBack Turned Walks Confidently
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